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Katie BretDay is a London Based artist who practices within the medium of photography. A graduate from the London College of Communication her wider practice focuses within the material relationship of the image and the body. This visceral methodology is realised though interests in the human condition, and physical and natural sciences.

As the digital revolution surges on BretDay aims to bring traditional photographic processes into the contemporary, incorporating methods to create new amalgamated photographic practice; translating digital to darkroom and corrupting conventional ideals. Previously unseen methods used within her graduate collection Amalgam shed a new light on traditional processes and won awards within her institution including the Paul Smith Prize and Metro Mentorship Award. Her most recent series LACUNA continues to asses the human condition using photographic materiality. The work plays with structure of a conventional Photobook and develops into an interactive, fluid and taciturn visual journey.  

BretDay has exhibited at the Brighton Photo Fringe, the ICA and Photofusion London. Now working from Switzerland, in an Artist Residency at Le Rosey, she continues to investigate the integration of and movement between digital process, surfaces and the body of the image and of the corporeal. As her work develops she hopes its broader amalgamated and experimental photographic approach will become a tool of multidisciplinary communication between art and science. In turn, this visual language will aim to create a mature understating of the human condition and develop my ability to visually communicate areas of complex technical and academic language.